Skywalker aspire to further expand its reach to enhance our already diverse teams and networks. Our goal is to ensure your message is well received by your consumers at a personal, yet professional level.



Utilizing the power of the individual and with the aid of premium content, Skywalker aims to harness the limitless potentials of the internet to achieve global exposure.

Celebrity Management

  • Years of working intensively with celebrities have made our team well versed in planning and executing comprehensive commercial value, risk management, economic strategies, and resources to focus on. By strategically positioning celebrities in various platforms, Skywalker is able to capture the “tipping point” between celebrities and brands thus forming a differentiated competitive advantage.
    • Audi Vorsprung Circle

    • Andy Liu – Audi Elite – Future

    • 《Magazine》

    • Audi 2013 Youth Festival

    • Audi Music Season

    • Folli Follie Group

    • FAW VOLKSWAGON Audi New Year Music Concert

    • Casa Imperial Haier Group

    • Richemont - Cartier

Content Marketing

  • Skywalker proactively maintains a competitive edge in the ever-changing field of media by anticipating and adapting to changes through innovative ideas and products. We strive to enhance comprehensive branding, content awareness, and ensure quality relationships between business and consumers.
    • Starlight in the East

    • Audi Life Expert

    • 《Big Shot》

    • Grammy Oriental Ceremony

    • Green Driving Elite Training Camp

    • Wait For Me

    • HuiYingRenSheng

    • ShortFilm

    • Audi Innovation Talk

    • Company Everts



Skywalker offers a cross platform of Internet and digital media to fully present the brand in various disseminated approaches to meet the demand of communication and marketing.

Advertising Marketing

  • We provide our clients and their customers a more comprehensive and a more interactive branding system through integration of traditional media with digital media platforms.
    • Wanda Group

    • OPPLE

    • CTTIC Group

    • Mercedes-Benz Dealer Elite Program

    • ROBAM

    • Company Everts

Digital Marketing

  • As the influence of Social Media and the Internet grows rapidly, digital marketing has become ubiquitous, efficient, precise and visible, which brings infinite imagination and opportunities.
    • Wanda For Love

    • Audi Vorsprung Circle official blog& Wechat

    • OPPLE



Skywalker Communications Group continues to expand its reaches and resources at a grand scale. In 2011, Skywalker founded G5, a Hong Kong based communications to meet demands for an international communications management and consulting services in South Pacific. Providing professional services in consulting and communications is the primary goal of G5.


  • Skywalker Lifestyle redefines the definition of luxury through global connection and innovation. Our global networking and international communications are committed to ensure your comfort, privacy, and quality experience with VIP hospitality throughout your travels.

G5 International

  • Founded in 2011, G5 Groups was established in Hong Kong with devotion to develop a communications group which extends beyond China, thus connecting regional market with the rest of the world through applied vast professional skills and resources.
    • Best Sunshine

    • Hengqin International Communication Center

Cathay Speed

  • Cathay Speed is a pioneer which advocates the idea of overall car service solution. Cathay Speed focuses on providing premium quality automotive services to high-end customers for their high-end cars, ranging from arranging test drive to providing market strategy, communications and creative, public relations and sales support.
    • Cathay Speed

Pacific Islands Development

  • The Pacific Islands are renowned for their distinctive tropical features that compliment the stunning blue hue of the surrounding ocean backdrop. The beauty of the islands, its’ culture and history attracts tourists from all over the world. The island has also drawn the deep interest of the Skywalker Group. In recent years we have worked closely with the local government to promote its local cultures and tourism resources to introduce the islands to people from all over the world. We believe the integration of the beauty of nature and the surrounding culture will make this island even more attractive and dynamic for tourists.
    • Pacific Island Development Project

    • Marianas Visitors Authority China Market Official Representative



Skywalker Communications Group continues to explore innovative business models and platforms, making long-term investments in technology, capitals, and resources. With deep understanding of customer brand, SKYWALKER is providing more effective, more proactive support for core services while opening up the new perspective blueprint of the Group.

Broadway of Dreams

  • In today’s booming mobile and video technology consumerism, Skywalker uses video languages to share the entrepreneurial process of the 90’s.Unlike typical television series, “Broadway of Dreams” applies a homemade aspect with a new economic model which allows fans to connect via mobile phones.
    • Broadway of Dreams

Innovative Real Estate Program

  • Skywalker Innovative Real Estate Program is dedicated to bringing forth new ideas to homes by improving living environment. Environmentally friendly elements such as; recyclable building materials, heat insulation, and energy saving lighting systems are integrated into housing development to ensure quality and safety. By combining local culture with modern technology, we create comfortable, yet familiar settings.
    • Zhuhai Cultural Property

    • GreenStay

    • Cultural real estate project F-CNMI

Skywalker Technology

  • Skywalker Technology Is an E-commerce platform which primarily focuses on providing integrated interactive marketing solutions as well as business to business and business to consumer services. E-commerce connects traditional media to social media, which offers both online and offline services. We use this core strength and our vast online resources to provide overall planning, sales, promotion and operation services to our clients. Our dynamic team members boast rich professional experience in internet operations while working for prestigious companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.
    • Skywalker Technology